Why Should I Use a Travel Agent?

One question I frequently hear from clients is, “Why should I use a travel agent when I can book my trip online myself?” While this is true, a travel agent can offer many things that a website or call center cannot.

Using a travel agent will provide you with personalized service from a single contact person, rather than one of thousands that may answer your call at a tour company. If an issue arises before or during your trip, you have the direct phone number of your travel agent, who is familiar with you and your itinerary. Travel agents are here to help!

A travel agent can also watch for specials and promotions, potentially saving you and your family money. Often the travel agent can have your vacation package switched to the special promotional rate and your balance credited for you, saving you from having to wait on the phone with the tour company for a prolonged period of time.

Experiencing a change in plans after you have booked your vacation? Once again, without a travel agent you may be looking at a lengthy phone call to the tour operator to get the changes made. A travel agent can do this for you, so you can use your valuable time for more fun activities!

Travel agents are also able to provide their clients with helpful tips and suggestions for getting the most out of your vacation. In many cases, they can be as much or as little involved as you wish them to be in planning the details of your trip. You don’t have to give up control of planning your vacation just because you use a travel agent!

Finally, using a travel agent does not mean any additional cost to you. Often, vacation prices are the same or lower when using a travel agent, so for the same price (or possibly less) than you would pay if you booked the trip yourself, you get the benefit of your travel agent’s services. Let your travel agent save you time so you can focus on packing your bags and having a fabulous vacation, making wonderful memories.